Weekly Devotional

Who Are You?

Reflection by John Allen

God remembered Noah, and all those alive with him on the ark…and the waters receded.


Have you ever looked across the battle-lines of a fight with someone you loved, and wondered: “who are you?” Have you ever seen someone looking back at you who seemed to be wondering the same thing?

It is hard to put the brakes on a good dust-up, they have a life of their own. It is our nature. Blind to our original feelings we start racking up points any way we can, and it is scary how quickly we can turn someone we love into an adversary. We forget.

God remembered. God remembered Noah. That seed of a new creation, tossing on the torrent of God’s out-of-control anger. Almost lost amidst God’s overflowing pain. The story hinges on that moment. God remembers. Rain stops. Waters recede. Life begins again.

That is the God whose image we share. The God who regretted this violence and pledged to never forget us again. God’s conversation is secure. We will be known and remembered forever.

As for us, the heirs of this new creation, the children of God’s all-enduring love, when we are lost in our stormy anger, or plunged into the depths of our disappointment, let’s remember. When the waters are rising, reacquaint yourself with how you are really feeling. And Remember who this beloved one in front of you is.

Prayer: Thank you for remembering us God, for knowing us. Help us to see each other with your eyes, and love this world with your heart. Amen.

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