Family Promise Metrowest

Volunteers Needed!

Family Promise Hosting Week - March 4-11

Join the great group of volunteers who support the Family Promise families when they stay at our church. Four families will stay in our lower level from Sunday, March 4 till Sunday, March 11. We need evening hosts, dinner preparers, breakfast preparers, sleepover hosts, those who can help us set up, take down, do laundry, and more. 

There is a role for anyone who is interested - email one of us if you have questions. Or, sign in on CERVIS. Here's how: go to tiny.cc/fpmcervis, scroll down to Sign In, then click on the Village Church link, and pick a spot!  Christina Oliver: christina.oliver20@gmail.com, 617-529-9246 and Diana Carroll: diana.carroll4@gmail.com, 617-435-5383.

We want to thank our volunteers who have helped over the last two years. It’s a great community, including those listed below and many more! We hope you will join us.

Ken Acardi           

Barbara Baker & Bob Froh

Sue Basta

Deb Berger & Family

Karen Bernardo

Margaret Boles Fitzgerald

Gina Bower

Ruth Breden

Deborah Brown

Maggie Burke

Sarah Butter & Family

Diana Carroll & Family

Genevra Gasais

Cindy Coddington

Sara Costa

Ruby Cramer

Dale Crowe

Susan Davis

Susan Duncan

Kerry Evans & Family

Josh Fitterling

Dan Garrison


Sybil & Don Smith

Erinn Staley

Margie Steere

Margaret Taylor

Parky Waugh

Sue Williamson

Kevin & Tracey Wood

Joy, Andy, & Blake Harju

Mary Gard

Becky Georgenes

Frances Gratz

Anne Grote

Doreen Grupposo

Amy Harris

Bobbie Hayes

Caroline Johnson Hodge

Sally & Mike Kellogg

Kent Kissinger

Hannah Lee

Dix Leeson

Bev Lenci

Jim & Allie Loehlin

Kristin Mawhinney

Judy McGraime

Kathy McGraw Bentley

Judy & Jim Mongiardo

Susan & Don Mykrantz

Cyndi & Mira Nakhle

Ildi Neilson & Family

Christina & David Oliver

Dorothy Patton

Betty Peterson

Cindy Peterson

Laurie Roberts

Sheila & Ed Rogers

Helen & Bob Sagan

Richard Schultz

Diane & Eric Seaborn & family

Cynthia Sibold

Ann Skipper

Linda Smith

Nancy Smith