Wednesday evenings - Click here to check the church website calendar for exact dates.
7:30 – 9:00 pm

The emphasis of the confirmation year is on exploring what it means to “be church” together. Through the year, we begin to discern how each confirmand is called to be an instrument of God’s creativity and love in our church and in our world.

Guided by adult and youth advisors, the confirmands explore the mystery of God and a life of faith through community, scripture, service, prayer, and honest, heartfelt discussions. We begin the year by making promises to one another through the writing of a shared covenant, which asks each participant to strive to be the best we can be in relationship with ourselves and each other. We learn about the wider United Church of Christ and about the ways in which our local church is called to be at work in the world. All the while, we spend time building strong, authentic relationships as we experience being a Christian community together. And, of course, there’s time for fun and games, too!

Along with our weekly gatherings, we go on retreat together in the fall and in the spring. The also confirmands work together in ushering teams for First Worship and have the opportunity to participate in our weeklong high school service project in April.

We complete our year in celebration on Confirmation Sunday. During worship, the congregation reaffirms and confirms the promises that were made to the youth at their baptisms. In return, the confirmands accept these promises and affirm their desire to continue to share a life of faith with the wider church community. Whether or not a confirmand decides to join the church at that time, all are welcome to be part of our church family and participate in High School Youth Group the following year.

To learn more about our confirmation program, please contact Pam Emslie.

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