Fellowship Dinner Groups

 Sign-up for next year’s fellowship supper groups here! The program is perfect for both singles or couples!  The final date to register for this exciting program is Friday, September 16.

Two categories of supper groups are being formed:

1.     Our traditional four or more meetings from September through June

2.     A new option:  Just one supper during the year

For both categories, groups of six, seven, or eight persons will be formed by the Community Ministry.  Each group develops its own internal leadership and self-plans date(s), venue(s), and pot-luck assignments for the supper(s).

This has been a very successful program for nearly two decades, allowing church members an in-depth opportunity to become acquainted.  Once the groups have been constructed and “launched,” virtually no external administration is needed, and the sheer “fun” derived is extraordinary. 

, Between May 1st and early September you may register on-line with a link provided here during the registration period.  Please direct questions to Chris Toppin (Communication & Worship Support Coordinator): 781-235-1988 (x-17) or Kent Hewitt (617-932-1384).



Kent Hewitt