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Fellowship Supper Groups

This very popular program is perfect for both singles or couples and is “launched” in September by our Community Ministry.  It allows participants to experience in-depth bonding within small groups that meet four or more times during the year to share and enjoy supper together, rotating houses.  Groups of six, seven, or eight persons are formed by the Community Ministry which notifies each group by mid-September of its composition and designated leader.  Upon notification, each group must promptly determine the date and location for its first gathering (no later than October) and then the fun begins!  During the first meeting, dates for their subsequent gatherings should be determined.  Each group is autonomous, requiring no further management from the Community Ministry.  Ask any member about his/her experience with this program for a comprehensive “picture .”  Sign-ups are closed as the groups are now forming and beginning to schedule their gatherings. Sign ups will reopen in the summer for next year's formation. Thank you.

Please direct questions to Chris Toppin (Communication & Worship Support Coordinator): 781-235-1988 (x-17).



Kent Hewitt