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Becoming a Member

We warmly invite you to worship with us and to participate fully in the life of the church, whether for a single visit or for an entire lifetime. As you get to know the Village Church community, we hope you will find yourself drawn into an ever-deepening relationship with us as we all grow in our relationships with God. If, indeed, the Spirit leads you to become part of our community, we will be delighted to welcome you into our covenant.

To learn more about our church, we invite you to attend an Inquirer’s Gathering hosted by members of our clergy and deacons. At this informal meeting, we’ll talk about our congregation and the denomination of which we are a part. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and learn more about Village Church—our worship, educational programs, offerings for children and youth, small groups, and service opportunities —and we hope to learn more about you, too. The meeting is designed to help you find ways that you can grow in faith through the ministries and programs of the Village Church, and to consider what the next step in your faith journey might be.

We hope that as you worship with us and begin to participate fully in the life of our church, you will choose to become a member and join in covenant with us and with God. We welcome new members during worship every few months. Please check the calendar for upcoming opportunities.

If you’re wondering what it really means to join a church, you’re not alone! At Village Church, when new members join the church, the whole congregation reaffirms our commitment to our shared covenant. This means that we pledge to one another and to God that we will:

  • Worship together regularly, offering praise to God and experiencing God’s presence together;
  • Learn and grow together in faith through participation in our various educational and formational programs for all ages;
  • Pray for one another, for our church, and for our world;
  • Discern which gifts we are called to offer and share our time and leadership in the ministries of the church;
  • Give of our financial resources, both because we want to support the ministries and missions of this congregation and because we are generous children of a generous God;
  • Participate actively in discernment and decision-making about our community’s resources and future;
  • Serve our world through various ministries of mercy, justice, and beauty;
  • Give and receive care, kindness, and love;
  • Enjoy fellowship and relationship with our sisters and brothers in faith.

Member Joining Form