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Give, Pledge, Stewardship

Text Giving

Text "WVC" and "dollar amount"  to: 73256 and follow prompts (email christine@wellesleyvillagechurch.org if you need help or have questions.

Online Giving 

Below are 3 online giving choices. You may give a one-time gift as a guest, or you may set up a giving profile with a login that will allow you to track your giving or if you already have a member page on the church website you may follow the link below to make a pledge.

One-time gift as a guest

Set up a giving profile

Make A Pledge

Email christine@wellesleyvillagechurch.org if you have questions or need help.



As faithful servants of Christ and active stewards of the world in which we live, we at Village Church are called to share our financial blessings for the greater good. Our annual stewardship campaign supports the many ministries and missions of our church-from dynamic worship, to transformative youth programs, from engaing adult education to generous service, and more.

When people speak of Village Church as our "spiritual home," it is more than a figure of speech-because at its best, a home is a place where we are nutured and given opportunities to grow, where we are equipped to serve the world more fully. We are asked to consider our giving in light of our relationship with God and to this our spiritual home. Indeed, our pledges are an offering to the God who is our home, the one who has been our dwelling place in all generations. This beloved church is worthy of our generous support. 

What is a pledge?  A pledge is a commitment of financial support for the year, which runs from January through December.  Typically pledges are paid in increments-weekly, monthly or quarterly.  You can give to the church without pledging of course. Some people put money in the offering plate at worship each week or once a month. Others give in a lump sum at the beginning or end of the year. We encourage pledging because making and keeping promises is an important spiritual discipline that fosters faithfulness and mutual responsibility. Pledges also help the congregation to plan more wisely.

Make A Pledge

Listen to 2017 stewardship witnesses:

Matthew McKay's Stewardship Witness 1/8/17

Mark Lenci Stewardship Witness 1/22/17


People sometimes express skepticism about the Biblical miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes. But that same miracle is regularly reenacted at Village Church.

Our commitments of time and money are multiplied in powerful ways through the ministries of Village Church: God’s name is praised in song, children are nurtured, youth are helped along life’s way, adults grow in their relationship with Christ and one another, older adults are upheld, the poor are given food, the homeless receive shelter. All of that—and so much more—is made possible through our giving to the church.

Of course, it was Jesus who multiplied the loaves and fishes. But before that miracle could take place, men and women had to step forward in faith to offer those loaves and fishes.

Please consider making a gift so that the miracle of multiplication can continue. You may make your gift by mailing your check to the church or online, as either a one-time or recurring gift scheduled for today or in the future, through our PCI compliant provider, Vanco Services.

THE MARTIN B. COPENHAVER FUND FOR PASTORAL RESIDENTS was named in March 2014 to honor former Senior Pastor Martin B. Copenhaver for his twenty years as Senior Pastor of Village Church and his vision in bringing the Pastoral Residency Program to the church.  For information about making a contribution to the Residency Fund, contact Church Accountant, Shawn Doung, at shawn@wellesleyvillagechurch.org or 781-235-1988, x18.

Begin giving online today. 

You have 2 choices. You may give a one-time gift as a guest or you may set up a giving profile (see below) with a login that will allow you to track your giving.

One time-gift as a guest

Set up a giving profile

Click the link next to the "Need a login?" It will prompt you for an email address and your name.  Then click "find me".

Once logged in, find the Giving tab and click Give Now.  You may give a one time gift or set up a recurring gift.  Chose how often you would like to give, click continue, choose which fund you would like to contribute to, click continue again. Add a payment method if you do not have one listed. You can pay with a credit card or by an electronic check directly from your checking account.  Once you have set up your payment method, click Schedule Gift. An email will be sent to verify your gift.

Click here to listen to audio and watch videos of WITNESSES over the years.