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Memorial Path

Memorial Path at Village Church is an area in the churchyard cemetery available for the burial of cremated remains for members of our church and their immediate families.

The Village Church cemetery has belonged to the church since our beginning, over 200 years ago. Prior to 2007, however, there had been no new burials for 100 years. We are now pleased to have reopened this sacred ground, carrying forward its original purpose into our present time.

This opportunity came as a result of the identification of a 10-foot by 150-foot area in the middle of the cemetery that was never used for burials. This area, now referred to as Memorial Path, was once the path used by horse-drawn carriages in the first century of the cemetery’s use.

Memorial Path is truly a shared burial space, reflecting the deep and enduring sense of community that one experiences as a member of Village Church. Burials are in shared lots and names are engraved on shared headstones.

To learn more about Memorial Path or to reserve a space, please contact a member of the Churchyard Committee: Brad Harding, Charlotte Harrington, Joanne Ritsert, Kirk Smith, or Craig Stirrat by emailing churchyardcommittee@wellesleyvillagechurch.org.