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Pastoral Residency Program Application Information

“It glorifies God that you bear much fruit and become my disciples.” ~John 15:8

Wellesley Village Church is seeking an outstanding seminarian or recent graduate as our next Pastoral Resident, to serve from August 2020-June 2022.  This position is an ordainable call in the United Church of Christ, with full-time salary and benefits.

Applications are currently being accepted and interviews will begin in early spring. Please send completed applications to residency@wellesleyvillagechurch.org or via postal service to: Pastoral Residency Program, Wellesley Village Church, 2 Central St., Wellesley, MA 02482. With specific questions, please contact Sharon Kuhn at residency@wellesleyvillagechurch.org or 781-235-1988 ext. 25.

Who You Are

Someone who loves:

  • Serving God and God’s people

  • The local church, in all its messiness and faithfulness, as the Body of Christ

  • Working collaboratively with colleagues and congregants

Someone who desires:

  • To be a disciple of Christ and journey with other disciples

  •  To be a transformational leader

  • To see the church grow in its faithfulness and fruitfulness

Someone who is seeking:

  •  To serve with gladness

  • To be immersed in the rhythms of professional work, liturgical seasons and congregational life

  •  To follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance

Some specific requirements:

  • Have or will have graduated with an M.Div in the last 1-2 years

  • Are a Member in Discernment in the United Church of Christ, on track to be ordained within the time frame of the program

  • Have discerned a call to parish ministry

  • Can make a two-year commitment to the Pastoral Residency Program

2020 Pastoral Residency Application