2011 Sermons

Date Preacher Title Service
Dec 18 2011 Martin Copenhaver Before the Child Traditional Worship
Dec 11 2011 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Christmas Carving First Worship
Dec 11 2011 Martin Copenhaver That Face Traditional Worship
Dec 4 2011 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Prepare First Worship
Dec 4 2011 Kathy Musser Coming Home Traditional Worship
Nov 27 2011 Pamela Emslie Expectant Hope First Worship
Nov 27 2011 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Advent Longing Traditional Worship
Nov 20 2011 Martin Copenhaver When Enough Is Enough Traditional Worship
Nov 13 2011 Daniel Cooperrider Faith in Place First Worship
Nov 13 2011 Martin Copenhaver Keep On Keeping On Traditional Worship
Nov 6 2011 Martin Copenhaver Who Do You See In the Cloud? First Worship
Nov 6 2011 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Delivered Traditional Worship
Oct 30 2011 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Sermon First Worship
Oct 30 2011 Martin Copenhaver Living In The Great Etcetera Traditional Worship
Oct 23 2011 Kathy Musser Sermon First Worship
Oct 23 2011 Martin Copenhaver We Have Something In Common Traditional Worship
Oct 16 2011 Daniel Cooperrider The Eyes of Moses First Worship
Oct 16 2011 Martin Copenhaver Lazarus and the Other Man Traditional Worship
Oct 9 2011 Daniel Cooperrider The Gift of the Future Traditional Worship
Oct 2 2011 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Sermon First Worship
Oct 2 2011 Martin Copenhaver Who's That Knocking at My Door? Traditional Worship
Sep 25 2011 Pamela Emslie What Do You Thirst For? First Worship
Sep 25 2011 Martin Copenhaver Who Is My Neighbor? Traditional Worship
Sep 18 2011 Martin Copenhaver Ten Years Later Traditional Worship
Jun 26 2011 Martin Copenhaver That Face First Worship
Jun 26 2011 Liz Garrigan-Byerly The Reward of Welcome Traditional Worship
Jun 19 2011 Elissa Johnk Baptising the World! Traditional Worship
Jun 12 2011 Martin Copenhaver Is It the Spirit First Worship
Jun 5 2011 Martin Copenhaver Improvisation Traditional Worship
May 29 2011 Elissa Johnk Sermon First Worship
May 29 2011 Chris Braudaway-Bauman A Way of Seeing Traditional Worship
May 22 2011 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Come Home First Worship
May 22 2011 Martin Copenhaver Consider Your Call Traditional Worship
May 15 2011 Martin Copenhaver It's A Miracle First Worship
May 15 2011 Pamela Emslie Youth Sunday Traditional Worship
May 8 2011 Elissa Johnk Sermon First Worship
May 8 2011 Martin Copenhaver A Thank You Letter Traditional Worship
May 1 2011 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Now What First Worship
May 1 2011 Martin Copenhaver Who Cares? Traditional Worship
Apr 24 2011 Kathy Musser Have You Anything Here To Eat? First Worship
Apr 24 2011 Martin Copenhaver The Questions of Jesus: "Do you have anything here to eat?" Traditional Worship
Apr 17 2011 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Will You Lay Down Your Life For Me? First Worship
Apr 17 2011 Martin Copenhaver The Questions of Jesus: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Traditional Worship
Apr 10 2011 Kathy Musser Do You Know What I Have Done For You? First Worship
Apr 10 2011 Martin Copenhaver The Questions of Jesus: "Do you still not know me?" Traditional Worship
Apr 3 2011 Martin Copenhaver The Questions of Jesus: "Do you see this woman?" Traditional Worship
Mar 27 2011 Chris Braudaway-Bauman The Questions of Jesus: "Why Did You Doubt?" Traditional Worship
Mar 20 2011 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Along the Way First Worship
Mar 20 2011 Martin Copenhaver The Questions of Jesus: "Can the wedding guests mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them?" Traditional Worship
Mar 13 2011 Elissa Johnk Signs of the Times First Worship
Mar 6 2011 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Living the Questions First Worship
Mar 6 2011 Martin Copenhaver The Questions of Jesus: "What are you looking for?" Traditional Worship
Feb 27 2011 Martin Copenhaver Here Comes the Judge First Worship
Feb 27 2011 Kathy Musser Life Together Traditional Worship
Feb 20 2011 Kathy Musser Upside Down First Worship
Feb 20 2011 Martin Copenhaver Excuses, Excuses Traditional Worship
Feb 13 2011 Martin Copenhaver All You Need Is Love First Worship
Feb 13 2011 Liz Garrigan-Byerly The Great Love Experiment Traditional Worship
Feb 6 2011 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Salt and Light First Worship
Feb 6 2011 Martin Copenhaver Glorified Butlers Traditional Worship
Jan 30 2011 Kathy Musser The Big Meaning and The Little Meaning First Worship
Jan 30 2011 Martin Copenhaver Planting Seeds Traditional Worship
Jan 23 2011 Pamela Emslie Follow Me Traditional Worship
Jan 9 2011 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Called As Partners First Worship
Jan 9 2011 Martin Copenhaver Balance or Rhythm? Traditional Worship
Jan 2 2011 Keri Hughes Meditation Traditional Worship