2012 Sermons

Date Preacher Title Service
Dec 30 2012 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Simeon and Anna Traditional Worship
Dec 23 2012 Martin Copenhaver Door to Door Service Traditional Worship
Dec 16 2012 Pamela Emslie Waiting for Holiness First Worship
Dec 16 2012 Martin Copenhaver Home For the Holidays Traditional Worship
Dec 9 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Why Mary? First Worship
Dec 9 2012 Martin Copenhaver My Soul Magnifies The Lord Traditional Worship
Dec 2 2012 Kathy Musser Waiting for a Turn First Worship
Dec 2 2012 Martin Copenhaver Speechless Traditional Worship
Nov 25 2012 Kathy Musser Coming for Dinner First Worship
Nov 25 2012 Pamela Emslie Scattering Seeds Traditional Worship
Nov 18 2012 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Spreading Like Weeds First Worship
Nov 18 2012 Martin Copenhaver Returning Thanks Traditional Worship
Nov 11 2012 Daniel Cooperrider The Gospel of Desire First Worship
Nov 11 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Forgiven Traditional Worship
Nov 4 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Water of Life First Worship
Nov 4 2012 Kathy Musser Last Things Traditional Worship
Oct 28 2012 Kathy Musser A Conversation with Soul First Worship
Oct 21 2012 Nicole Lamarche Overcome First Worship
Oct 21 2012 Quinn Caldwell and Catriona Grant Pastoral Resident Jubilee Traditional Worship
Oct 14 2012 Martin Copenhaver Two Very Different Prayers First Worship
Oct 14 2012 Martin Copenhaver Two Very Different Prayers Traditional Worship
Oct 7 2012 Kathy Musser Troubled First Worship
Oct 7 2012 Daniel Cooperrider To Pray Always Traditional Worship
Sep 30 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Prodigal First Worship
Sep 30 2012 Martin Copenhaver The Elder Brother Traditional Worship
Sep 23 2012 Daniel Cooperrider The New Neighbor First Worship
Sep 23 2012 Martin Copenhaver He Spoke In Parables Traditional Worship
Sep 16 2012 Chris Braudaway-Bauman The Ongoing Story First Worship
Sep 16 2012 Martin Copenhaver Parting Traditional Worship
Sep 9 2012 Martin Copenhaver Shall We Dance? Traditional Worship
Jun 24 2012 Daniel Cooperrider The Word from the Whales Traditional Worship
Jun 17 2012 Pamela Emslie Stalking the Gaps First Worship
Jun 17 2012 Martin Copenhaver Sending Ones Heart Into the World Traditional Worship
Jun 10 2012 Martin Copenhaver The Whole Psalm First Worship
Jun 10 2012 Pamela Emslie Confirmation Sunday Traditional Worship
Jun 3 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Yoke First Worship
Jun 3 2012 Kathy Musser Night Watch Traditional Worship
May 27 2012 Daniel Cooperrider People of a Pentecostal Variety First Worship
May 27 2012 Pamela Emslie Heaven and Earth Traditional Worship
May 20 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Branches First Worship
May 20 2012 Martin Copenhaver It Can Be Dangerous Traditional Worship
May 13 2012 Martin Copenhaver Home First Worship
May 13 2012 High School Youth Group Youth Sunday Traditional Worship
May 6 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer What Is To Stop Me? First Worship
May 6 2012 Martin Copenhaver Dinner with Jesus Traditional Worship
Apr 29 2012 Daniel Cooperrider The Seeds to the Kingdom First Worship
Apr 29 2012 Martin Copenhaver Whom Are You Looking For? Traditional Worship
Apr 22 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Garden First Worship
Apr 22 2012 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Be Fruitful and Multiply Traditional Worship
Apr 15 2012 Diane Anderson A Time to Laugh First Worship
Apr 15 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Wounds Traditional Worship
Apr 8 2012 Daniel Cooperrider Sunrise Worship First Worship
Apr 8 2012 Martin Copenhaver The Day Time Changed Traditional Worship
Apr 1 2012 Pamela Emslie An Act of Love First Worship
Apr 1 2012 Martin Copenhaver The Sabbath Feast Traditional Worship
Mar 25 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer As If First Worship
Mar 25 2012 Martin Copenhaver Rest From Worry Traditional Worship
Mar 18 2012 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Two Stones First Worship
Mar 18 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Delight Traditional Worship
Mar 11 2012 Pamela Emslie Delight First Worship
Mar 11 2012 Martin Copenhaver Don't You Want My Money? Traditional Worship
Mar 4 2012 Chris Braudaway-Bauman The Quiet Center First Worship
Mar 4 2012 Rabbi Joel Sisenwine Sermon Traditional Worship
Feb 26 2012 Daniel Cooperrider Sabbath: A Wild Idea First Worship
Feb 26 2012 Martin Copenhaver We Are Made For More Than Work Traditional Worship
Feb 19 2012 Kathy Musser Light First Worship
Feb 19 2012 Daniel Cooperrider Mystery in Broad Daylight Traditional Worship
Feb 12 2012 Martin Copenhaver Called and Recalled First Worship
Feb 5 2012 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Barefoot First Worship