2013 Sermons

Date Preacher Title Service
Dec 29 2013 Martin Copenhaver One Beautiful,Terrifying Moment First Worship
Dec 22 2013 Martin Copenhaver A Season of Darkness and Light Traditional Worship
Dec 15 2013 Audra Teague Mackey Audra Teague Mackey First Worship
Dec 15 2013 Brad Harding Peace Traditional Worship
Dec 8 2013 John Allen Into the Wilderness First Worship
Dec 8 2013 Martin Copenhaver Waiting for Eternity Traditional Worship
Dec 1 2013 Diane Anderson Hearing Voices First Worship
Dec 1 2013 Pamela Emslie A Place of Awe Traditional Worship
Nov 24 2013 Martin Copenhaver Meditation First Worship
Nov 24 2013 Martin Copenhaver Giving Thanks in All Circumstances Traditional Worship
Nov 17 2013 John Allen Sign of Our Covenants First Worship
Nov 17 2013 2nd Graders 2nd Grade Prayer of Praise Traditional Worship
Nov 17 2013 Nicole Lamarche Faith Makes Subversives Traditional Worship
Nov 10 2013 Alanna Copenhaver Table Manners First Worship
Nov 10 2013 John Allen Wrestling Traditional Worship
Nov 3 2013 Audra Teague Mackey Audra Teague Mackey First Worship
Nov 3 2013 Martin Copenhaver Seeing and Believing Traditional Worship
Oct 27 2013 Martin Copenhaver God's Penlight First Worship
Oct 27 2013 Martin Copenhaver God's Penlight Traditional Worship
Oct 20 2013 John Anderson Praying With Your Feet First Worship
Oct 20 2013 Martin Copenhaver A Holy Place Traditional Worship
Oct 13 2013 Kelly J. Stone Untold Stories of Gratitude First Worship
Oct 13 2013 Audra Teague Mackey A Faith that Saves Traditional Worship
Oct 6 2013 Diane Anderson Blanket Time with God First Worship
Oct 6 2013 Martin Copenhaver Jesus at the Children's Table Traditional Worship
Sep 29 2013 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Green Spaces First Worship
Sep 29 2013 Martin Copenhaver A Friend in Need Traditional Worship
Sep 22 2013 Audra Teague For the Sake of Peace First Worship
Sep 22 2013 Martin Copenhaver Battlelines of the Heart Traditional Worship
Sep 15 2013 John Allen Counting Sheep First Worship
Sep 15 2013 Martin Copenhaver Habits Traditional Worship
Sep 8 2013 Martin Copenhaver Where God Throws Parties Traditional Worship
Jun 23 2013 Daniel Cooperrider The Call as a Question First Worship
Jun 23 2013 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Old and New Traditional Worship
Jun 16 2013 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Be Prepared First Worship
Jun 16 2013 Daniel Cooperrider Blessed Are the Debonair Traditional Worship
Jun 9 2013 Pamela Emslie Mourning to Morning First Worship
Jun 9 2013 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Living Water, Sacred Conversations Traditional Worship
Jun 2 2013 Pamela Emslie Life Rooted in Hope First Worship
Jun 2 2013 Martin Copenhaver Family Dinner Traditional Worship
May 26 2013 Daniel Cooperrider Lady Wisdom First Worship
May 26 2013 Martin Copenhaver Turning to the One You Doubt Traditional Worship
May 19 2013 Martin Copenhaver Is It The Spirit? First Worship
May 19 2013 Confirmands Confirmation Sunday Traditional Worship
May 12 2013 Chris Braudaway-Bauman The Bent Over Woman First Worship
May 12 2013 Martin Copenhaver Choir Practice in Prison Traditional Worship
May 5 2013 Martin Copenhaver Commanded to Love First Worship
May 5 2013 Luke Arney, Sadie Flood, Colin Bates, Martin Copenhaver, Molly Hogan, Alex Abrahams, Cecilia Milano, Rachel Blatz, Kelsey Denby, Pam Emslie Youth Sunday Traditional Worship
Apr 28 2013 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Adios First Worship
Apr 28 2013 Kathy Musser A Letter of Love Traditional Worship
Apr 21 2013 Kathy Musser Blessings On Your Day First Worship
Apr 21 2013 Martin Copenhaver God the Counselor Traditional Worship
Apr 14 2013 John Hargrave Changing Your Mind First Worship
Apr 14 2013 Kathy Musser On The Road Traditional Worship
Apr 7 2013 Pamela Emslie Can We Be A Witness? First Worship
Apr 7 2013 Daniel Cooperrider Peace Be With You Traditional Worship
Mar 24 2013 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Preparing the Way First Worship
Mar 24 2013 Various Speakers Luke Scriptures and Reflections Traditional Worship
Mar 17 2013 Alanna Copenhaver Ole First Worship
Mar 17 2013 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Teach Us To Pray Traditional Worship
Mar 10 2013 Pamela Emslie There Is Another Way First Worship
Mar 10 2013 Ron Buford It's Complicated Traditional Worship
Mar 3 2013 Daniel Cooperrider Where Are You Coming From? Where Are You Going? First Worship
Mar 3 2013 Martin Copenhaver A Case of Open and Shut Traditional Worship
Feb 24 2013 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Where Is Your Faith? First Worship
Feb 24 2013 Martin Copenhaver Where Is Your Faith? Traditional Worship
Feb 17 2013 Kathy Musser Wilderness First Worship
Feb 17 2013 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Words To Live By Traditional Worship
Feb 10 2013 Martin Copenhaver Coming Down From the Mountaintop First Worship
Feb 10 2013 Daniel Cooperrider It Is Good To Be Here Traditional Worship
Feb 3 2013 Jocelyn Gardner Spencer Crowds First Worship
Feb 3 2013 Martin Copenhaver The Feast in Your Pocket Traditional Worship
Jan 27 2013 Daniel Cooperrider Prophetic Reversals First Worship
Jan 27 2013 Martin Copenhaver Serving the Servants Traditional Worship
Jan 20 2013 Martin Copenhaver We've Come This Far By Faith Traditional Worship
Jan 13 2013 Kelly Stone & John Anderson (text by Daniel Cooperrider) Epiphany After Epiphany Part One First Worship
Jan 13 2013 Pamela Emslie Epiphany After Epiphany Part Two Traditional Worship
Jan 6 2013 Martin Copenhaver Home by Another Way First Worship
Jan 6 2013 Libby Cornelssen, Catherine Warren Youth Group Alumni Meditations Traditional Worship