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2015 Sermons

Date Preacher Title Service
Dec 27 2015 Liz Garrigan-Byerly The Holy Family First Worship
Dec 20 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter Pregnant Traditional Worship
Dec 13 2015 Josh Fitterling I've Got Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Down in my Hands First Worship
Dec 13 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter Joy for the Journey Traditional Worship
Dec 6 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter Peace First Worship
Dec 6 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter Peace Traditional Worship
Nov 29 2015 Megan Snell Raise Your Heads First Worship
Nov 29 2015 Josh Fitterling Presence: An Advent Gift Traditional Worship
Nov 22 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter Profound Technicality Traditional Worship
Nov 15 2015 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Tis the Season First Worship
Nov 15 2015 Pam Emslie A Time for Gathering Stones Traditional Worship
Nov 8 2015 Megan Snell The Best Seats in the House First Worship
Nov 8 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter Blended Family Traditional Worship
Nov 1 2015 Liz Garrigan-Byerly For All the Saints First Worship
Nov 1 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter Saints Alive Traditional Worship
Oct 25 2015 Josh Fitterling Speak Up! First Worship
Oct 25 2015 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Ministry Multiplied Traditional Worship
Oct 18 2015 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Doing a New Thing First Worship
Oct 18 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter Great Ambition Traditional Worship
Oct 11 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter All In First Worship
Oct 4 2015 Megan Snell To Be Childlike First Worship
Oct 4 2015 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Reflection Traditional Worship
Sep 27 2015 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Liz Garrigan-Byerly First Worship
Sep 27 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter Salt, Please! Traditional Worship
Sep 20 2015 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Welcome the Children First Worship
Sep 20 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter A Place to Grow Traditional Worship
Sep 13 2015 Sarah Sarchet Butter Welcome to the Future Traditional Worship
Sep 6 2015 Neil Simister Laborers in the Vineyard Summer Worship
Aug 30 2015 Leslie Gerhat Loaves and Fishes Summer Worship
Aug 9 2015 Debbie Duval Jesus Loves Me Summer Worship
Aug 2 2015 Joan Murray It is God’s Good Pleasure to Give Us the Kingdom Summer Worship
Jul 26 2015 Ken Sipe The Kingdom Is Where Jesus Is Summer Worship
Jul 19 2015 Alice Polley Enough Summer Worship
Jul 12 2015 Tom Hodge Hidden in Plain Sight Summer Worship
Jun 28 2015 J. Mary Luti Awesome Place, Heavenly Names Traditional Worship
Jun 21 2015 John Allen Praying with our Eyes Open First Worship
Jun 21 2015 Audra Teague Mackey In the Womb of God Traditional Worship
Jun 14 2015 Audra Teague Mackey Meditation First Worship
Jun 14 2015 John Allen Dandelions Traditional Worship
Jun 7 2015 Audra Teague Mackey Genesis Story First Worship
Jun 7 2015 J. Mary Luti Once in A Garden Traditional Worship
May 31 2015 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Boldness First Worship
May 31 2015 J. Mary Luti, David Carrier and many others David Carrier 30th Anniversary Celebration Traditional Worship
May 24 2015 John Allen Untamable Spirit First Worship
May 24 2015 J. Mary Luti Pentecost Reflection Traditional Worship
May 17 2015 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Practicing Resurrection First Worship
May 17 2015 Pam Emslie and the Confirmands Confirmation Sunday Traditional Worship
May 10 2015 Audra Teague Mackey Reflection by Audra Teague Mackey First Worship
May 10 2015 J. Mary Luti How We Heal Traditional Worship
May 3 2015 John Allen Sent Off to Feed First Worship
May 3 2015 Julia Maney, Samantha McDivitt, Erica Heffernan, Haley Bowse, Cole Frambes, Madison Ivey, Allie Fuller, Leigh Gelotte, David Nam, Harrison Shockley, Ryan Krueger Youth Sunday Traditional Worship
Apr 26 2015 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Psalm 23 Meditation First Worship
Apr 26 2015 J. Mary Luti And Allelluia Is Our Song Traditional Worship
Apr 19 2015 Chris Braudaway-Bauman I Love to Tell the Story First Worship
Apr 19 2015 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Still Easter Traditional Worship
Apr 12 2015 John Allen In Common First Worship
Apr 12 2015 Audra Teague Mackey Our Resurrection Stories Traditional Worship
Apr 5 2015 J. Mary Luti The Festival of But Traditional Worship
Mar 29 2015 Pam Emslie And The Story Begins First Worship
Mar 29 2015 J. Mary Luti Acting Out in Holy Week Traditional Worship
Mar 22 2015 John Allen Surprised by Grace First Worship
Mar 22 2015 Liz Garrigan-Byerly The Power of Forgiveness Traditional Worship
Mar 15 2015 John Allen Giving In First Worship
Mar 15 2015 John Allen Giving In Traditional Worship
Mar 8 2015 John Allen Recognitions First Worship
Mar 8 2015 J. Mary Luti The Sufficiency of Tears Traditional Worship
Feb 22 2015 J. Mary Luti How We Hurt First Worship
Feb 22 2015 J. Mary Luti How We Hurt Traditional Worship
Feb 15 2015 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Transfigured Moments First Worship
Feb 8 2015 Sarah Butter Sarah Sarchet Butter Sermon Traditional Worship
Feb 1 2015 Audra Teague Mackey Reflection by Audra Teague Mackey First Worship
Feb 1 2015 J. Mary Luti Save A Life - Be A Teacher Traditional Worship
Jan 25 2015 Liz Garrigan-Byerly Liz Garrigan-Byerly First Worship
Jan 25 2015 J. Mary Luti Banded Together Traditional Worship
Jan 18 2015 J. Mary Luti Go on, God, Talk Traditional Worship
Jan 11 2015 Audra Teague Mackey Audra Teague Mackey First Worship
Jan 11 2015 J. Mary Luti The One-Down God Traditional Worship
Jan 5 2015 Keri Hughes A Radical Welcome Traditional Worship
Jan 4 2015 Chris Braudaway-Bauman Embellishing Christmas First Worship