Courageous Conversations ~ Oct. 27 & 28

Theologian in Residence

“Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton is the founder and executive director of House United, a nonprofit initiative that helps groups collaborate across theological and political differences. He holds a PhD in New Testament from Yale University, where he served on the Divinity School faculty, and has led Christian formation in three large churches. Allen is a sought-after speaker on reconciliation and community building.”

A House United: How the Church Can Save the World

“Christianity has the potential to heal our differences and bridge our divides.”

     “By entering the culture wars, churchgoers in the United States have ushered the Left and the Right to even greater extremes. Battles over moral issues like abortion rights and homosexuality have now widened to include taxation and size of government, so that specific church affiliation has become an accurate predictor of political party affiliation. The extremists in American politics rely on Christians to be the engine that pushes the culture farther right or left.

     Allen Hilton believes that religion isn't inherently divisive, and he suggests a new role for Christianity. Jesus prayed that his disciples might all be one, and this book imagines a proper answer to that prayer in the context of American polarization.

     Rather than asking people to leave their political and theological beliefs at the church door, Hilton promotes a Christianity that brings people together with their differences. Through God's transforming work, he writes, we can create a house united that will help our nation come back together.”

“Going Deeper” Presentation

Join us on Sunday, September 30 as Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton preaches during the 9 and 10 AM worships. Then, stay with us for a presentation by Rev. Dr. Hilton in the Chapel at 11:30 am, when we will be “going deeper” into his findings from his latest book A House United: How the Church Can Save the World. Lunch will be served. Child care and activities will be provided by Michaela and team. Copies of A House United will be available for purchase and signing.

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Courageous Conversations

The “Going Deeper” presentation on September 30 kickoffed the event for Village Church’s “Courageous Conversations” program, featuring Village Church Theologian in Residence Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton. He is the author of a new book called A House United: How the Church Can Save the World. All are invited and encouraged to read A House United and participate in the “Courageous Conversation” program. Other events to look forward to include:

     Saturday, October 27 -  “Courageous Conversations” All Church workshop

     Sunday, October 28  - Rev. Dr. Hilton preaching at 9 AM and 10 AM worships