Weekly Devotional

A Fish In God’s Sea

Reflection by Alex Glowacky

 All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again.


This past February, I had the privilege to travel to Ecuador with the mission to serve the For His Children Orphanages. It turns out my group was lucky, as we got to experience Carnival, which is the Ecuadorian celebration of Maundy Thursday, while in Latacunga. It is safe to say I’d never experienced anything like it before- crazy, exciting, and communal. One of the celebration days, we joined the tias and children in an elaborate water fight. As I stood, dripping, I looked around me to see buckets splashing, water flying, people dashing away from a full bucket and hear a bunch of happy laughs and yelps from the kids. After taking it all in, I thought about how being doused in water was not only a playful celebration, but also a part of our faith.

We were all wet. But we were getting soaked with one another. Everyone around me was laughing and dripping. Looking around at water flying and people laughing, I realized that we were all cleansed in one of the world’s simplest gifts, water. It is through natural gifts that God touches everyone in the simple pieces of everyday life, bringing us together under faith. To me, the water became a symbol of God’s love reaching out and touching each of us, in the same way. A tiny droplet of water is still water, as an individual is still a unique part of society’s sea. Being in the water fight reminded me that we were part of a greater sea, feeling God’s love in the little moments that ground my faith.

Prayer: Dear God, Help us to appreciate the gifts of simplicity we find in the world. Help us to draw closer to you whenever and wherever in the world we are as we share and grow in our faith together. Amen.

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