Weekly Devotional

A Lived “I Love You!”

Reflection by Josh Fitterling

Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.


There is no denying that hearing the 3 simple words of “I love you” can be a very powerful experience. These words have the power to transform us, to move us, and even, in a variety of senses, to save us. Think of the transgender youth who hopes to still hear “I love you” from their parents when they embrace who they are. For them, these 3 words can mean life. Think of the person who has fallen in love and they pray that their “I love you” will be met with “I love you too”. For them, these 3 words can mean a future. Think of the dying person who longs to hear “I love you” one more time from their beloved before transitioning from this life to life eternal. For them, these 3 words can mean comfort.

There is undoubtedly a power behind the 3 simple words of “I love you.” However, this power is not held in the saying of the words but in the actions that surround them. To be loved is an experience – one where you feel it long before you hear it. Where the words that you hear only confirm the words that you have already experiences through your others senses.

As disciples of Jesus, we are called to love – to love God and to love our neighbor! And this love is not a love found in empty words, but a love that is made powerful through deed. This love requires action, it requires doing, and the words will only confirm our love. And so our call is this: to share a lived “I love you” with our God and with our neighbors, for the world needs a lived love.

Prayer: Holy God, I love you. Now, help me fill these words more and more through the power of truth and action. Amen.




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