Weekly Devotional

Blessed With Tears

Reflection by Lisa Weinstock

And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him. 


Like many parents at this time of year, my heart is overflowing with emotion. My youngest child just heard where he got into college. I am filled with pride at the young man that Noah has become, the hard work that has brought him to where he is. I am so happy knowing that he will take that next step toward adulthood, excited about his future.

I also know, from my experience with my daughter, that this happiness will be mixed with tears and those tears will often appear out of nowhere. I remember a few weeks after my daughter went to college, I was doing my Sunday grocery shopping and I reached for the largest bunch of bananas I could find. As I placed them in my cart, I suddenly found myself in a pool of tears, realizing that with Hannah out of the house, I didn’t need so many bananas! So I know there will be random moments like that when Noah leaves. I know that my heart will feel the sense of loss, the end of that incredible phase of life called childhood. And of course there is the added significance around sending off the youngest and returning to the empty nest.

So my heart is overflowing and what a blessing that is. We are blessed to have these wonderful children. We are blessed that they are entering their next stage of life with bright futures ahead of them. We are blessed with pride and with tears. Most of all, we are blessed that the grace of God is on them.

Prayer: God, thank you for the blessing of children and family and all the phases of life. Help me to feel at peace in my changing “nest”, knowing that your grace is upon my children. Amen.

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