Weekly Devotional

Breaking Down the Wall

Reflection by Isaac Hargrave, Middle School Youth

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.


Boy, I sure hope so.

Youth group is really fun. We start off the evening by welcoming each other and talking (with food), and then we all sit down and someone, usually Pam, will bring up a topic. Some weeks it’s something that is directly connected to God, and sometimes they are things that just make you sit down and think.

After that, the final thing we do for the last ten minutes is play a game. Our favorite is a game called “Ghost in the Graveyard”, which, as unholy as it sounds, is actually a fun end to the meeting. The basic idea is that it’s a game of hide-and-seek, but once you find the hider, they try to chase you.

So, several weeks ago, we sat down with our cheese puffs and Pam brought up forgiveness. There was a discussion about it, and we all sat there, thinking. Then we asked others for forgiveness for something that we had done. After that, the games began.

During the first round, I sprinted around the corner of the fellowship hall at top speed and slipped, slamming my heel into the wall.

Oh my goodness. There was a heel-shaped hole in the bottom of the wall.

It was one of those moments where about three million things go through your mind in one second. We’ve all had the feeling. I ran to Pam, and told her what happened. I have to give her credit for this one: I admire her ability to forgive. It took her about thirty seconds for her to remind me that everything was okay.

It was in that moment when I saw God in the world, in the eyes of the forgiver.

On the grand scheme of things to ask forgiveness for, I think we are all blessed that we haven’t had anything really bad. This is knowledge we should carry with us every day. When someone knocks over your favorite lamp, remember that it’s just a thing. Even if someone hurts your feelings, keep in mind that they probably feel bad too.

So, now, members of the church, and especially those who attend 9:00 worship, I ask you all to forgive me.

Prayer: Dear God, remember that we are human. Remember that we sometimes do things that we wish we hadn’t done. Help us to remember that even when we do something like this, you are there for us, and usually, another human is there for us too. Amen.

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