Weekly Devotional

Contagious Strength

Reflection by Manuela Pavlina

Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. 


As I weaved through the tables at Rosie’s Place I took note of the guests at the tables as they socialized with other guests, ate their dinner, or simply observed their surroundings, hands folded in their laps. This was my first time volunteering at Rosie’s Place, which was organized through my senior project of pastoral care here at the Village Church. Although I enjoyed making the dinner plates and tending to the dishes, my favorite part of this opportunity was interacting with the guests.

As I noticed each and every guest around the room, I was mesmerized by the aura every woman gave off. Whether interacting with their children, resting their head on the dinner table, or smiling at me as I took their tray away, these women all shared a sense of peaceful strength. I can’t imagine the hardships each and every homeless soul has been through and still they give off a light in them that is so apparent through every smile and locking of eyes. This strength about them tells me that although they own almost nothing, they are not defeated. One can only be defeated with their own consent. These guests have hope and optimism in their lives, conveying that one can feel strength and joy no matter what circumstance they are presented with.

As long as you have hope and trust in God, you will be empowered and can face any hardship. These women will forever inspire me to have optimism in my faith and my life. I feel the guests at Rosie’s Place have helped me more than I have helped them, for this peaceful strength is contagious. The strength allows the souls of each woman to “soar on wings like eagles.”

Prayer: God, give us strength to face the inevitable misfortunes of life and inspire us to have hope in our hearts so we may inspire others to keep holding on.

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