Weekly Devotional

Easter Hope

Reflection by Megan Snell

He is not here; he is risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.

We made it through the journey of Lent. All the way to the Last Supper, all the way to the foot of the cross. All the way to the empty tomb. And now, we bask in the joy of Easter. We have shouted out “Alleluia, Alleluia, Christ is Risen!” We have reached the point in our Bible narrative in which we come to know Christ as the conquerer of death.

And yet, when I got back from church on Sunday I watched the reports pour in from Pakistan showing the scenes of a bombing in which more than 69 people were killed on Easter morning. Most were women and children. Innocents playing in a park.

It can feel challenging to reconcile our understanding of Christ’s victory over death with the continuous violence in our world. It is in times like this where I lean in to the understanding that God’s time, the kairos time, is not my time. The promise of Easter does not mean that betrayal, desertion, suffering, and death will cease immediately or forever. We need only to look at Pakistan to know that that is not the case. Rather, the promise of Easter gives us the hope that beyond all of the anguish of this life, there is resurrection and new life yet to come. That hope, we can pray, will encourage us not to turn away from those who are suffering. That hope, we can pray, will give us the motivation to turn towards those who are suffering with love.

Holy One,
Give us the courage to hold fast to the hope of Easter even in the face of violence and death. Help us to listen for your voice moving us to pray and act as peace makers.

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