Weekly Devotional

Fountain of Time

Reflection by Sarah Sarchet Butter

I came, that they may have life, and have it abundantly.  -- Jesus


In these August days, I hear us proclaim over and over again, "Summer's almost over!"  "Its going so fast"  "Summer has flown by. . ."

I can't help but wonder if by saying it's so, we enhance our perception of this precious season's pace.  What if our response to ourselves or others was, "What a wonderful summer we're having!"  "Isn't this another beautiful summer day?"  "Today has been wonderful/challenging.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?"  What if we focused on experiencing life in real time, instead of acting like someone pushed the fast forward button when we weren't looking?

My secretary in Chicago was a wonderful woman named Kathy.  Kathy walked tall and erect with a deliberate pace, and just a tad slower than the rest of us.  She never hurried, even if something seemed urgent.  Even if the office phone or church doorbell was ringing, Kathy would cross the room with a deliberate motion in response.  Observing her was not quite like watching someone walk across the room in slow motion, but in a world that mostly hurries, Kathy's pace was a step in that direction.  I, who often moved through the day at a frenzied pace, learned from Kathy to slow down a bit.  She would have no way of knowing that her life would end in its 5th decade.  Perhaps its good she lived it at a deliberate pace.   

There is a sculpture (pictured above) by American Sculpture artist Laredo Taft at the Midway Airport in Chicago, IL, with an inscription that goes something like this:   

"They say time flies.  No, time stays.  We fly."  I was introduced to this quote by a man who asked that I use it at his funeral.  It profoundly changed my experience of time.  Time doesn't set the pace, we set the pace.    

Our faith teaches us that time is Eternal, kept by our God who promises to love us eternally.  If time stays, then we are the ones moving through it.  What if we slowed our step just a little, to match our intention to live each day in real time, not in "fly by" time?

Dear God, thank you for the gift of time, and time eternal.  Help me experience each day at the pace you would have me move.  Amen.


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