Weekly Devotional


Reflection by Julia Maney and Samantha McDivitt

Jesus said, “Love your friends like your own soul, protect them like the pupil of your eye."

Many activities that we participated in on the service project to Santa Fe, New Mexico this year taught us how to love our friends as if they are our own soul. At its simplest, we discovered the healing power of hugs and of prayer. Each night after our reflections, the group would be led in prayer, which would then be followed by a peace and of making a rounds of hugging each and every member of the church on the service project.

No matter what that night of reflections brought, whether it was tears of joy, sadness, or deep insight, the peace brought every person closer through a sense of comfort and safety. In addition to this, on one night of reflections the group engaged in a practice of appreciations. At this time people would voluntarily raise their hands to recognize an individual for a specific quality or act they have witnessed and greatly appreciated. This practice allowed God’s love to fill the room and lift everybody up in an amazing way.

Being together in community teaches us about love. It teaches us to value and protect our friendship. It shows us how God loves us through our friends.

Prayer: God, show us your love, in tears and hugs, in appreciation and prayer. Make us better friends to one another. Amen.

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