Weekly Devotional


Reflection by Janet Rose

The boy’s father cried out, “I believe, help my unbelief."


Fumbelo is symbolic of my belief and my unbelief. Usually, I am certain that God contributed to my torment about the children in Africa and challenged me to do something about it. If Ron Smith had not asked me to give a witness 7 years ago, Chris Braudaway-Bauman would not have introduced me to Brita Gil-Autern who was on the board of Communities Without Borders. It is she, who hearing my witness asked, "Do you want a village?" and Liz King who said, "If you lead this I'm with you", and my Alan, knowing how I hate to leave home said, "If you need to go to Africa I will go with you." Did God have a hand in all of those events? When I am certain of it I have days when I could shake my fist at God. I would be a happier person without this challenge.  

Then, each time we arrive in Lusaka and drive through the dirt roads to Fumbelo watching tiny children chop coal or sit by a roadside stand in the dirt while parents try to earn a meager living, and arrive in Fumbelo to be greeted by children for whom we care deeply who have nothing, I am a doubter. There is no justice in a world where people have far more than they need and others have nothing, not even food or water or shoes without which they cannot go to school.

So, I keep going to church to be part of a church family without whom 146 children would have to drop out of school, there would be no lunch program and the doctor and nurse would not visit twice a month and provide prescriptions. My gratitude abounds for the sewers, knitters, contributors of money, medicine, clothes, school supplies, books, and the travelers and the artist who donated the money from the sale of her paintings. If I were sure of God's presence I might pray for help for Fumbelo but I feel certain the answer to my prayers would be, "I am helping, I have sent the Village Church."

Prayer: God, bless your precious children in Africa; the ones who are hungry, the ones who are trying so hard in school, the ones who have graduated from school and are working, the ones who are on a waiting list hoping we will sponsor more children, the ones who are orphaned, the ones who are caring for their siblings, and those who are sick. Like the bird that falls from its nest you know who they are.

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