Weekly Devotional

God in Three Forms

Reflection by Megan Snell

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Over the course of my life my relationship to Jesus has changed and shifted. As a child Jesus was a figure I learned about in Sunday School. I learned to recite the names of his apostles in a sing-song style. As a youth, I found Jesus unrelatable. I fully embraced the idea of God (my creator) and the Holy Spirit (a mysterious force). But,  as a teenage girl in Southern California, this sandle-wearing man of ages past named Jesus did not resonate with me. It wasn’t until I grew into young adulthood that I discovered the Christ that is Jesus. In my early twenties I faced major medical decisions and my own mortality. I could no longer live under the illusion of independence and self-determination. Instead, I had to humble myself and accept my humanity and the finite-ness of my own life. It was then that I realized I needed the salvific, miracle working Jesus Christ. I needed the Jesus Christ who lived a life that included pain and who conquered death itself. As I have grown in my faith, I have come to rest upon the notion that the Trinity is one of the best, most liberating parts of the Christian faith. The Trinity gives us space to doubt, question, and wonder while still standing firmly in faith. During any given event or stage in my life, I have found myself drawn to a certain part of the Trinity. When I march for social justice change, I am empowered by the Holy Spirit. When I grieve, I am comforted by Jesus Christ. When I stand in the beauty of nature, I am in awe of God. I take great comfort in knowing that no matter which part of the Trinity speaks to me most at any given time, there is holiness in all parts.

Holy God in Three Forms, Grant me the peace of knowing that you are big enough to hold my doubts and my wonderings. Remind me that as I grow and learn to relate to you, you accompany me on every step of my faith journey. Allow me to rest assured in the faith that you are always at work as my Creator, my Redeemer, and my Sustainer.

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