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Weekly Devotional

Heart and Treasure

Reflection by Vicky Lazzell

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

As an “army brat” who moved 16 times until I graduated from college, I had no idea where my “home” or “heart” was.  Born in the Southern US and raised Christian, I moved several times in the South where there were varying degrees of sweltering heat and the number of syllables in “you all” and fire and brimstone ministers.  There were the army bases in the US and overseas where my friendships grew fast and ended quickly and the military chaplains’ haunted eyes that had seen too many young lives lost in too many wars.  “Off base” locations included a remote area of Japan where I was awed by towering Buddhist statues and in England where I was horrified but strangely drawn to the bloody Stations of the Cross and the ferocity of the nuns at the convent school I attended. 

When I settled in Wellesley I felt a need and longing to find my own spiritual home.  One Sunday I decided that I would walk down the hill to the closest church, Village Church, and, if that didn’t work, I’d move on to another.  Early into the service I knew that I had finally found my “heart” and “treasure”.  For 15 years at Village Church, I have been blessed to be able to share my “treasure” with my “heart”.  I hope you will be so blessed as well.



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