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Weekly Devotional

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

Reflection by Sarah Sarchet Butter

Dear Congregation,

As my family and I prepare to celebrate our first New England Christmas, there is delight to be discovered around every corner.  Lights on trees, wreathes on windows, carolers in the square. . .all lift my heart on the way to Christmas.  Last Sunday, after a wonderful morning of worship, we had the pleasure of hearing the Boston Holiday Pops at Symphony Hall.  What a treat!

In the midst of seasonal delights, world events weigh on my mind, and  I have friends in need of prayer and care. Where does one go to make sense of it all and hold the mix of anticipation and angst all together?

You know the answer as well as I do:  Worship.

It’s where I  find the things I most need:  hope, peace, joy and love.  I yearn for these, for all the world, and yet I haven’t seen them for sale in any of the beautiful window displays that catch my gaze, nor have I found them in my internet perusals.     

Hope, peace, joy, and love. . . Just as much as we long for these essential elements for human flourishing, God longs to give them to us

Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. . . the Advent candles light the way during worship as we journey toward God’s presence manifest in a manger. 

Hope, peace, joy, and love. . . come to worship, and, invite a friend!  There are gifts to be had here, and more than enough to go around.

I hope to see you Sundays.

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