Weekly Devotional

How Much Love

Reflection by Ron Smith

“It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”


It’s the Fall of 1973.  Linda and I are raking leaves at our new (first and only) home.  A car pulls up and a member of the stewardship committee from our newly joined church steps out to greet us.  After a brief introductory conversation, we listen as he tells us about the process of stewardship pledging at Village Church.  We then exchange goodbyes.

That evening we sat at our kitchen table and shared our thoughts about the afternoon conversation and visit.  We were young then, with a new home, a new dental practice, a baby and lots of bills.  How were we ever going to fit pledging to the church into our budget when we were worrying about tomorrow?

Well, tomorrow came, and it is now 2015.  When we look back at our decision to pledge on that evening in 1973 we realize that we made a pledge with a leap of faith.  The amount was small, but it was very important to us to contribute to the church if we were to live our faith fully; important to give to our spiritual home and to do our share.

Forty two years later, we feel blessed thinking about that man who visited us, explaining to a young couple about the reasons pledging is so important to the church, and the joy we have received from doing our part.

Wellesley Village Church has been a major part of our life.  All that we have received from our spiritual home has been a blessing and giving back has brought us a true sense of contentment.

We still sit at the same kitchen table at Stewardship time and discuss what we will pledge for the year.  What fun!  What joy! And what a blessing this church community is to us.

 Prayer:  Dear God, You have blessed us all by leading us to our spiritual home.  May we share the joy!  Amen.

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