Weekly Devotional


Reflection by Kerry Evans

Rest in God. 


My nine year old son has recently begun a report on the animals and birds of Costa Rica so naturally, included on his list, are hummingbirds. I have always thought of these tiny birds as amazing, but now, with books about birds surrounding me in the house, I have become truly fascinated.

Hummingbirds, under normal circumstances, beat their wings at an astounding rate of 50 beats per second. And during courtship rituals, that rate can go up to 200 bps! Amazing! They need to consume twice their body weight in nectar every day just to fuel their fast metabolism. One species even weighs less than a penny!

The list of incredible facts goes on and on. But one of the most stunning, and truly miraculous facts that I have learned is about their migration. Each fall, the ruby-throated hummingbird fuels up, storing body fat, and takes off across the Gulf of Mexico to Central America, a non-stop day and night flight of roughly 500 miles. What?! These birds are 3 and a half inches tall! They fly through the dark. They fly over the ocean. They fly into the unknown… talk about faith!

Driven by instinct, hovering in space, the tiny hummingbird trusts that she will make it. She trusts that it will all work out for the best. She trusts that her Creator has a plan. She trusts in God.

Prayer: Creator of the miraculous, your tiniest creatures teach us big things. Help us to cultivate a big faith, like that of the tiny hummingbird crossing the ocean. Help us to put our trust in You. Amen

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