Weekly Devotional

Letter to the Congregation

Reflection by Sarah Sarchet Butter

“Behold, I am doing a new thing.  Do you not perceive it?”  says the Lord.


GRATITUDE is the word of the month at Wellesley Village Church!

As your new Pastor, I’m grateful for what I perceive God is doing at Village Church. 

I’m grateful for the perseverance with which you have weathered transition.
I’m grateful for the grace with which you have handled challenges and change.
I’m grateful for the abundant energy, intelligence, imagination, and love in this congregation.

And, in our shared conversations, I am grateful to perceive a new awakening happening here, born out of a faithful transition to something new.

It’s an awakening to the needs of our community, to practicing radical hospitality, and to new forms of service.  It’s an awakening to new possibilities for worship and learning.

It’s an awakening to what God is doing now and to what God will yet do in and through the life of Village Church.

Within this awakening, I hear desire. 

Desire for depth, relevance, and relationship-driven mission and out-reach.
Desire for the strength and blessing of an engaged, inter-generational church, where 3 and even 4 generations of God’s people worship and learn, serve and share side by side. 
Desire to find the people who aren’t here, and make sure they know they are missed and welcome.
And desire to reach out and welcome new people who would be blessed by belonging to this special church family bound together in faith, hope, and love.

May the conversations continue, as we awaken to the new day God has in store. Thank you for saying YES to GOD each day in your own life, each week in WORSHIP, and each time you serve.  Please join me in prayer:  “Thank you Lord, for doing a new thing at Village Church.  Please help us perceive what your Holy Spirit is doing, and help us embrace it with all the gifts you give us.  In Jesus’ name, AMEN.”

With joy in Christ Jesus and his body the Church, 

Sarah Butter

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