Weekly Devotional

No Words

Reflection by John Allen

God created humanity, in God’s own image, in the divine image, God created them.


As a High School sophomore, I did a home stay in Santiago, Chile. I do not speak intelligible Spanish, and our hosts spoke no English, but it did not much matter. I remember feeling welcomed in their home. The mound of empanadas that never seemed to dwindle no matter how quickly we ate was one indication, but it went deeper than that. It was in the faces, in the eyes, in the smiles, that our hosts shared their love.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to share yourself when words are failing? Sometimes it is because we are crossing cultures or bounded by languages. Sometimes another’s pain renders us speechless, and suddenly it is as if we cannot communicate with the part of them we long most deeply to comfort.

God made humanity in God’s own image. Our presence with one another is the most reliable way God knows to reach into our world. Thankfully we do not need a witty turn of phrase, or just the right words, to haul God into our midst. Just a little space and an openness to what we might see in one another.

Prayer: God help us to know that you may be especially close when words fail us, give us the vision to encounter you in unexpected places. Amen.

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