Weekly Devotional

North 40 and South 60

Reflection by Kathleen Woodward

 God said, I give to you all the plants on the earth that yield seeds. These will be your food…’ God saw everything that God had made, and it was very good 


Have you experienced the burst of sweetness of a home-grown tomato fresh off the vine? Did you know that green beans and broccoli are sweet when fresh from the garden? Do you delight in the carnival colors of golden summer squash, purple eggplants and orange peppers? These gifts of the garden feed both body and soul. They are gifts that should be shared, not only with those who can afford to buy them, but also with those who cannot. Village Church seeks to share this abundance through our Food Pantry Garden Ministry.

The Youth Service Trip to New Mexico in 2010 planted the seed of a food pantry garden on the grounds of Village Church.  The idea took root when Pam and Dave Emslie led the youth in creating and tending the 60 square foot garden on the south side of the church grounds. Now, each spring, summer, and fall, under the watchful eye of our resident red-tailed hawk, tender plants and tiny seeds grow and give gifts of fresh, locally grown vegetables for the Wellesley Food Pantry.

Last spring, the Village Church began also cultivating a sun-drenched plot at the Weston Road Community Gardens located within the famed "North 40" owned by Wellesley College. The rich soil at the North 40 garden has nurtured spindly seedlings into bushels of vine-ripened tomatoes, bounteous broccoli, and cool cucumbers galore. We grew red onions, white onions and leeks. And, we must not forget to mention the always reliable zucchini and summer squash, along with bell peppers, eggplant and green and purple string beans. Even in this chilly weather, the garden is providing knobby Brussels sprouts, frilly purple kale, and deep green collards.

There is also wonder in the garden: sleeping bumble bees nestled in luminous golden squash blossoms, a cacophony of birds singing, a monarch alighting on a Mexican sunflower. Hummingbirds hover among jewelweeds, field mice build downy nests of milkweed seeds, and all the while nature tends her exuberant wildflower gardens.

So, the news from the North 40 and South 60 is good: we have shared the bounty with those less fortunate, helped create a habitat for bees and birds, and experienced the wonder and mystery of God’s glorious earth.

Prayer: God thank you for your bounty. Thank you for your earth that bears good food to us, from plots large and small. Amen.

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