Weekly Devotional

Real is Better Than Perfect

Reflection by Pam Emslie

My child, eat honey, for it is good.  The honeycomb is sweet in your mouth.  Know that wisdom is like that for your whole being.  If you find it, there is a future, your hope won’t be cut off.               

“Real is better than perfect” was tastefully written in white letters across a brown t-shirt that a friend of mine was wearing.  I asked her how she came across the t-shirt and she told me she bought it from a friend who sells them.  She asked me if I’d like one, and I told her I’d love that.  

The timing was just right. 

The night before I saw my friend wearing this very cool t-shirt, I was at Village Church with the new confirmands meeting for the first time. During the evening I told the youth there are two things I will ask of them throughout the year: to engage in each activity and to speak truthfully from their hearts about their experience. 

Each year in confirmation I emphasize not worrying about being right or wrong during our discussions, and instead sharing the truth of our hearts. I find that the youth, like many adults, come to church with the notion that someone expects you to believe certain things about a life of faith, and those things need to be right.  When I tell the youth there are no right and wrong answers, and when they begin to trust that this is indeed true, they open up. They take risks and they share what is on their mind and in their heart.  As they do, they draw closer to a creator who becomes bigger than their imaginations and moves beyond their wildest dreams.  

I can’t wait to wear my new t-shirt to confirmation. 

Prayer:  Dear God, we give you thanks for calling us to be real and not perfect because when we are real, we begin to experience the vastness of your presence in our hearts and in each other.  For this we are truly grateful.  Amen. 


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