Weekly Devotional

Thoughts from Ecuador

Reflection by Tom Walter

The wind blows wherever it pleases.  You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.  So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.    


I fell in love over February vacation, but I nearly missed it!  I was part of a Team of twelve folks from Village Church that returned recently after spending Winter Break in Ecuador, working in the orphanages of For His Children.  We flew out of Boston on Saturday morning, barely beating a blizzard, connecting through Atlanta and then on into Quito.  Arriving at midnight we were warmly greeted by Jen Schneider of FHC who put us on a bus along with all our baggage, driving through the night, arriving finally in Latacunga.  We awoke Sunday morning to find ourselves in a long, fertile valley running north and south between the Andes and several spectacular volcanic peaks.  The scenery is glorious; the sun at 9000 foot elevation and on the equator, intense.  The children and tias (aunties) who care for them are beautiful, loving, joyous, grateful and welcomed us easily into their lives.  More than once we heard;  "mi casa es su casa." 

I fell in love with the landscape, the warm sun and cool evenings, the children and tias, with Ecuador's Carneval (which turned out to be one big water fight--we all got splashed--the kids LOVED it!), with our Quiet Time at the end of the day, with watching my daughter bonding and wanting to bring some children home.

But I nearly missed the trip.

When I first heard of the Team Ministry to Ecuador I wasn't interested---it was far away; it was the unknown; it was concerns about health and shots, drinking water and cockaroaches; it was not going to be relaxing. Why sign up? But something in me was pulling me towards Quito. Was it the Holy Spirit moving in my heart? I was about to fall in love, and nearly missed it. But God had other plans.   

Prayer: Loving God, who leads us in the Way: forgive us for meandering, wandering, questioning your presence, your promise, your still small voice.  Open our hearts to those in other cultures, other lands, where we see your face and joy in new ways. Through Christ we pray, Amen.

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