Weekly Devotional

Treasure in Earthen Vessels

Reflection by Chris Braudaway-Bauman

We have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that it may be made clear that this extraordinary power belongs to God and does not come from us.


For several years as a family, we regularly went “geocaching.” Before every day trip, we looked up a site online to see if someone had registered GPS coordinates for us to use to look for a “cache” they had hidden near our destination. Typically a cache is a small box with trinkets inside as well as a notebook and a pencil. According to geocaching etiquette, once you find the cache, you take a toy, leave a toy and write a message to those who will find the cache after you. 

I loved this game. Each time we found a cache, I found myself feeling strangely blessed. There was something wonderful about discovering these little treasures others had left, seeing the initials of those who had gone before us, the dates they had been in this same place, and the silly shiny things they had selected for our delight. I was eager for us to add our own blessing, to write our initials and to leave our toy with the stash of treasure for those who would come after us.

In these final days of my ministry with Village Church, I have been going through my files to gather up the cache I will leave behind for you: the reports to Lilly reflecting our learning from the Pastoral Residency, the years of curriculum we developed for GIFT, the liturgy I wrote for Holy Week services. They are the cache of our ministry together. But of course, they are more than that. They are visible signs of greater realities – conversations, prayers, relationships, words that point to the ways we have been of service, grown in faith and encountered God together. Through them we have blessed each other.

I treasure all we have shared and my life overflows with the blessings from you I will take with me into the future. Your initials are written on my heart. I send you on your way as well, blessing you with love.

Prayer:  For every blessing we praise you, God, for every gift we exchange and for all the love we share, we give you thanks, Amen. 

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