Weekly Devotional


Reflection by Sarah Sarchet Butter

“Welcome one another, therefore, as Christ has welcomed you. . . ” 


Dear Village Church family and friends,

Welcome is the word of the month around here!

A warm September welcome to all as we return to fall schedules, school and work routines, and . . . . drum roll please. . . .

The fall season of WORSHIP! 

Thank you to those of you who have intentionally welcomed me and my family.  Now its time to turn that word around and focus on welcoming others.

Paul writes of Christ’s welcome to us—a welcome that is open to who we are and who we are becoming, a welcome that is affirming of who God made us to be and all God calls us to do together.  A welcome that is not based on merit, or title or zip code or color.  A welcome that is as to a banquet richly set, a feast finely spread. . .a welcome that went out to the edges of the town to make sure all were included.  A welcome in which the last, the least, and the lonely were given the seats of honor.  A welcome where children were invited to sit close to Jesus.  A welcome where bread and wine were shared, and in the sharing, strangers became friends became family.   A welcome where GOD was the host, and all God’s children guests.  This fall at VC, Christ’s transformational welcome awaits us all. 

Welcome is a rich word, with many layers.  A genuine welcome is an invitation that implies hospitality, care and relationship await.  . 

Welcome means there is a place ready.  An open space into which one can be invited.  A warm reception waiting. Welcome is an action and a feeling.  Welcome is a noun and verb, adjective and adverb.

For welcome to hold true, it requires an invitation on the front end, a warm reception in the middle, and a connection to carry forward.

Those words will be keys that open doors at Village Church this fall.  At the heart of our welcoming is God’s HOLY Welcome of us all.  God’s welcome comes as an invitation ever new, a reception always warm, and a connection ever ready to be made.

The Pastors and I look forward to WELCOMING you Sunday.  The organ will be tuned, the choir rehearsed, the ushers ready. . .and following worship, our Community Deacons will have burgers on the grill, fellowship beckons and games await the young and young at heart.   

At Village Church, ALL are welcome—

Come to worship, stay to connect.       

With joy in Christ.

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