Weekly Devotional

Wherever The Path Leads

Reflection by Tricia Kibbe

 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.


My journey to Village Church began in the late 90’s when I happened to be introduced to Kathy Musser on the street in front of Chartres Cathedral in France which houses an ancient labyrinth.  We didn’t know it then but she and I were about to begin a partnership around our labyrinth ministry that would take us to Chartres many times, create (with others) the Labyrinth Guild of New England and a shared women’s ministry.  It was Kathy who let me know that a job had come open at the church and that it might be something that would interest me.  So, here I am, nearly nine years later taking a new turn on the path to my retirement on May 20.

I love the labyrinth and the metaphor it provides about our life’s journey.  Each of us is on our own path, each of us has a life that is unique. The labyrinth helps me to see that life has its twists and turns and change does happen.  Take a look at the picture of the beautiful labyrinth in Burtt Chapel and see where you might be on the path.  Are you close to the center, feeling open and secure?  Are you on one of the long outside paths, making your way one step at a time? Sometimes we think we are headed in one direction and the next thing we know everything is different…we’ve taken a turn.  But it is also true that most of us live our lives with others and share our path with them. The real beauty of the labyrinth becomes evident when it is walked in community.  It is then that we experience the real need to observe the path and see how it is shared and respected for the sake of ourselves and one another. 

This is very much how I see Village Church.  It is a shared path that we are on together but each of us is on a different place on the path. As a member of the staff of the church I have always felt your willingness to welcome me on your journeys.   You have become my community and we have walked closely together.  I have been part of celebrations and sadness, discussions and decisions and I cherish them all, and always will.   My path is taking me elsewhere but you will be forever in my prayers.

Prayer: Holy One of Blessing, shine your loving eyes on this community of Village Church and keep them forever in the palm of your hand.  And so it is!

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