Knitting & Sewing Group

Meets Wednesday mornings at 9:30am, with exceptions

If you are looking for a little “quiet time” while knitting with a group of knitters and sewers join us Wednesday mornings at 9:30-11:30.

As always, we extend a warm welcome to any who knit or crochet to join us whenever possible.   Such warm fellowship has developed over the years in the Wednesday morning group for those participating in this wonderful ministry.Come with a project you are working on or join in the making of “Caps for Kids”, Prayer Shawls and Baptism blankets. Patterns and materials are available. Stop in for a cup of tea and lively conversations.

For anyone who cannot come on Wednesdays,  feel free to knit wherever it is convenient for you.   There are baskets of yarn for the shawls on the table outside the church office,  and let us know if you need some guidance with getting started on one of the projects.
Deep gratitude to all of you who continued to be so productive over the summer months.   There is now a wonderful volume of beautiful shawls to bring comfort and celebration to those receiving them.


Ruth Breden

Bobbie Hayes

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