Chapel Renovation and Your Prayers – an Invitation

Perhaps you have seen a Christmas tree placed atop the last, topmost steel beam on a new building under construction. It is a tradition with many meanings, most of them related to a sense of gratitude. Often the beam is painted white and signed by the workers and the owners of the building. In 2001, when the new classrooms were built at Village Church, just such a ceremony took place. Members of the congregation signed their names, and some added short prayers.

As Burtt Chapel is now being renovated, there will be no new steel beam or Christmas tree. Instead, the Chapel Committee invites you to participate in a similar way with your own prayers

Continuing next Sunday, you are invited to write your own prayer on a special sheet of paper. There is no requirement about the kind of prayer, its topic or who or what it is for; only that it be yours and that you will include your name. Later this summer, just before the new floor is laid in the chapel, all the prayers that have been written will be put in place, below the final finished floor surface. Of course the prayers will be out of sight. Only a new labyrinth will be visible.  But you will know that your prayer has become part of the floor itself, indeed within the integrity of the complete chapel. We hope you will look for the table where you can add your own prayer.

Can’t make it to worship on Sunday? You can still participate by email. Send your prayer to: christine@wellesleyvillagechurch.org.  It will be transcribed electronically to the same special paper provided at church, and included with all the rest when the floor is complete. The Chapel Committee welcomes your participation.