Hoops and Homework - Fill the Backpack Success Story!

Hoops and Homework offers academic and enrichment services to children residing around the Beaver and Waverly Street areas in Framingham. In August, Village Church members supplied the group with thirty-four backpacks stuffed with school supplies and personalized for each student, as well as an additional $500 in gift cards to help with other back to school needs. Students received their backpacks as part of a "graduation ceremony" Hoops & Homework held to mark the transition to a new year. Program Director Robin Kynoch wrote: "The delight in each child's face upon being presented with a backpack during our summer graduation was wonderful to witness.” Our own Eric Ogi, who organized the drive, says "I was excited to work with Hoops & Homework to organize this Fill-the-Backpack drive, but I hadn't quite anticipated just how much joy would be shared in the process. Families shared stories of shopping for a student together, empty-nesters reflected on their surprise at how much back to school shopping costs, and others shared their eagerness to personalize the items for their student. The students on their part shared the joy with which they waited to receive their backpack and the tears of joy that flowed when they did. Thank you to all who gave generously of their time, money and love!"