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Message Regarding Reopening WVC from Our Senior Pastor

Dear Village Church,

As Governor Baker begins the reopening process for our state, many of you have asked questions and shared ideas for reopening WVC.

I know we yearn to be together for worship, fellowship, and ministry when it is safe and practicable. I am aware that this week the Governor has said churches can open at 40% capacity. That said, I am not ready to reopen WVC for public worship or gatherings until we discern it is in the best interest and well-being of all.  For now and the foreseeable future, worship will be remote and small groups and meetings will continue to gather on-line. 

 I am working with Moderator Leif Hille to appoint a Re-opening Advisory Task Force to advise the Moderators, Council and Staff on safest and best practices, to establish protocols, and to help us plan our own phased reopening, hopefully this fall. Their work in the coming months will be guided by our particular context and concerns.  This timing will allow us to be informed by what the summer brings in the way of community health.

I am in close touch with the Sr. Clergy of our sister congregations in Wellesley and with leaders in the United Church of Christ. All whom I have talked with at this point have also decided to stay closed through August, and some even beyond.

The feedback from our community is that WVC's remote worship is surprisingly nourishing and our on-line groups and meetings keep us well-connected even as we continue to observe distancing precautions. That is our hope! The staff and I also hope we can imagine some creative outdoor gatherings that could safely convene later in the summer.

I am heartened by all the ways God's Spirit is alive among us, keeping us connected, and, in the words of our vision and mission statements, inspiring us to boldly re-imagine our faith journey together. Through innovative worship, intimate communities, and inter-generational ministry, the Spirit continues to deepen our faith and compel us to service in God's beautiful and broken world.

With gratitude for the strength, flexibility, patience, and perseverance of our community of faith and prayers for the well-being of all,


Rev. Dr. Sarah Sarchet ButterSr. Pastor, Wellesley Village Church