Sunday Jan. 20, Joint Worship @ Charles St. AME POSTPONED!

After conferring with staff and key lay leaders, Rev. Greg Groover and I have decided to postpone the Sharing the Dream Service due to uncertain and potentially hazardous weather conditions. Rev. Groover reminded me that in addition to driving safety concerns, there are significant parking concerns since the city declares the streets around the church ‘no parking’ during snow emergencies. Charles St will not hold worship tomorrow. Likewise, since we had scheduled ‘an away game’, Wellesley Village Church will not be open tomorrow. 

Rev. Groover and I respectfully invite members of both congregations to have a sabbatical morning at home that includes prayer, Scripture, and reflection on the dream put forth by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and based in Scripture with Jesus' own prayer that “all may be one," that all people could live in Beloved Community. Members may also choose to worship at St Andrews or the Hills Congregational Church if they wish. 

Rev. Groover and I will confer about another date for worshipping together and having a Sharing the Dream Service in Roxbury. 



Rev. Sarah Butter, Senior Pastor