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BeFriender Ministry

  BeFrienders embody the caring presence of God and the community. They serve as a living reminder of God’s love by providing care through a listening presence to anyone experiencing a life transition or challenge. Some things you or a loved one might be experiencing are:

  • Chronic or acute illness

  • Infertility/birth/adoption/empty nest

  • Stress of caregiving

  • Death of a loved one

  • Depression/anxiety

  • Job loss/change

  • Addiction

  • Parenting challenges

  • Separation/divorce

  • Natural disaster

+ BeFriender relationships are held in confidentiality within the program.

+ BeFriender-BeFriendee matches are made by the Leadership Team.

+ The length of relationship is determined by you and your BeFriender.

+ All BeFrienders received 10 hours of initial training and participate in monthly meetings for further education, reflection and support.

If you would like a BeFriender to journey with you, please contact us at care@wellesleyvillagechurch.org or speak with a member of the Leadership Team (Sean Patrick Coady, Kim Reohr &  Susan Sullivan).