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Family Promise Metrowest

Are you wondering how you can help out Family Promise families this summer?
Follow this link to learn!

Family Promise Metrowest - Update and ways to help

As some of you know, during the pandemic, the shelter families have been living in a residence hotel while continuing to take part in the program. The staff at Family Promise have let us know that we will not be hosting until at least late November and possibly not until next year. Many people from Village Church have asked how they might be able to help out. Please read this newsletter from Sue Crossley, the Executive Director, who is suggesting some ways. We, as the Village Church Coordinators, along with the Staff at Family Promise know how vitally important our volunteers are to the success of the program and will keep you informed of any updates or changes. Many thanks for all of your support over the years. Christina Oliver & Diana Carroll - Co-Coordinators Wellesley Village Church.


Family Promise Summer Drive

Family Promise is having a weekly drive to help all their families.

 Every Wednesday from 12:00-2:00 pm volunteers may drop off any of the listed items below, which staff will assemble into “COVID Response Kits" for families to use when a family member tests positive.

The outer front door will be left unlocked for donations to be placed in the foyer at 6 Mulligan Street, Natick (foyer door faces South Ave).

COVID Response Kits Items Needed:

  • Bleach

  • Clorox (or other brand) wipes for disinfecting

  • Lysol (or other brand) disinfecting spray

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Hand Soap

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Spray Bottles

  • Paper Towels

  • Tylenol

  • Gloves

  • Face Masks

  • Laundry Detergent

  • Trash bags


Our Mission: to transform the lives of families with children who are homeless by mobilizing a diverse community to provide shelter, education and comprehensive support.http://www.familypromisemetrowest.org/index.html

The Family Promise model was founded in New Jersey in 1988 by Karen Olson. We use a simple approach of mobilizing existing community resources to serve families who are without a home.    Host congregations furnish safe, overnight lodging and meals one week at a time, three to four times a year.  Families are provided intensive professional support to regain their sustainability at a Day Center.   Since its inception, Family Promise has served 850,000 family members across the United States and includes over 6,000 congregations in over 200 affiliates.

Family Promise Metrowest opened our doors to welcome our first guests in October 2008 with 21 member congregations:  13 host and 8 support congregations.  Today we number 50 congregations from 12 towns; 70 business and community partners; 3,000 volunteers, from faith houses, schools, colleges, civic organizations, businesses and the community at large.

This remarkable support has enabled us to grow our programming to more effectively serve our families.  In 2013, Family Promise Metrowest began a Transitional Living Program to address the needs of families after they left shelter.  We offer subsidies and case management for an additional 1-2 years to increase their long- term sustainability and success.

In 2015, we launched Steps to Success, a comprehensive employment initiative assisting families to reach their highest earning potential. Intensive case management is provided along with subsidies for education, training, day care and transportation, often barriers in pursuing career objectives.

Our newest program LIFE (Local Initiative for Family Empowerment) is a homelessness prevention program. LIFE supports families who are at risk of eviction but not yet homeless by supplying subsidies to pay rent in arrears, advocating with the landlord to prevent eviction, and providing intensive case management.

After a thoughtful needs-assessment process and careful search, in 2017 we purchased and renovated a building that addresses our need for additional space, privacy, and room for future expansion. Our new Day Center is located at 6 Mulligan Street in Natick and has enabled us to provide privacy and dignity for our families, comfortable office space for our staff, and most importantly room to grow our programming. We are proud of our past, excited for the present and enthusiastic for a future where we can continue meeting the needs of local families. 

For more information contact:

Christina Oliver - 617-529-9246  or christina.oliver20@gmail.com

Diana Carroll - 617-435-5383 or Diana.carroll4@gmail.com


Village Church is hosting Family Promise again!March 1 – March 8, 2020

 Thank you for your help in the past, we hope we can count on you again to volunteer. As most of you know, Family Promise Metrowest is a cooperative, interfaith partnership offering hope to homeless families with children through safe transitional shelter, meals, and supportive case management as they seek permanent housing. On Sunday, March 1 families will again move into and call Village Church HOME for one week. Our classrooms will once again be transformed into bedrooms for each family. Volunteers like you and from St. Andrew’s will be bringing meals, serving, eating together, playing with children, doing laundry, setting up rooms or staying overnight. There are opportunities to participate and make a difference. PLEASE SIGN UP SOON; it is such a wonderful opportunity and we need as many people as possible. Follow this link to sign up!

Valentine Love for the Family Promise Families!

As Village Church prepares to host four Family Promise families the week of March 1-8, we would cherish your help in showing love to the families! On the white board in Village Common, you will find hearts that name items that will be helpful as we shower love on our guests. Take a heart and bring back your items anytime on or before Sunday, February 16 and place them in the baskets under the white board. Provide craft items and small toys for the kids or pamper the parents by providing products for “Spa Night”. Thank you for helping to make their stay with us joyful and peaceful!