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For His Children, Ecuador

Our partnership in Ecuador is with For His Children, an orphanage in Ecuador that serves abandoned children, many of whom have special needs. Currently, 40 to 50 children are cared for in two homes in the city of Quito and a home in the town of Latacunga. The environment provides physical and emotional support, spiritual nurturing, and lots of tender, loving care. The residents of For His Children range from newborn to 18 years of age.

For over a decade, Village Church members have traveled each year to serve at For His Children. While we are there, we spend time with the children and their caregivers and help with a variety of projects around the orphanage. We feed bottles to babies and mashed potatoes to toddlers; we read books and play ball with older children; we push children around the yard in toy cars and in wheelchairs. We sing at bonfires and help the kids roast marshmallows; we take wagon-loads of children for field trips in the neighborhood; we spend time in deep conversation with the amazing caregivers. We also paint, clean, pour cement, sew slipcovers, and do whatever else needs to be done. In addition, we raise funds and collect donations of clothing and supplies to bring with us. For His Children also has a child sponsorship program, through which many church members support specific children and help provide for their medical and educational needs, as well as holding them in prayer.

“On my first visit to For His Children, one child we worked with was Nicholas. Nicholas weighed about the same as two apples. The circuitry of his lungs and brain were still unfinished so that sometimes when he slept, he stopped breathing. Somebody had to hold Nicholas 24 hours a day, and wake him if he fell asleep and did not breathe… Nicholas’s life is a miracle of love. Many of the miracles at For His Children are less dramatic; most are so slow that you cannot see them in a week and some do not seem to come at all. But miracles happen. A premature infant becomes a robust child, the corner of an overgrown yard becomes a therapy pool, a ridge in a field becomes a home. You may not know it at the time, but you will see them happening. When you hold a child or dig a trench or paint a wall, you will help make them happen.” —Neil Simister

On March 10, 2013, the Village Church held a special Tribute in memory of FHC Co-Founder Clark Vaughn. Clark was a shining light who greeted many Village Church members when they first arrived in Ecuador. He was the "Go-To" guy that so many of us got to know, relied upon, and loved. This Tribute was held on the one-year anniversary of his passing. His widow, and co-founder Melinda Vaughn, and their daughter Lesley, joined us in Wellesley for this event. This slide show was a part of the Tribute. For more about the Tribute, please see the Tribute book kept in the Church lobby.

To see the slideshow presented at the Tribute, click Vaugh Memorial Slideshow.   To see the full Tribute click here.

Nancy Smith