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Friends of Fumbelo, Zambia

Our partnership in Zambia is with the village of Fumbelo, outside Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.  Friends of Fumbelo is a 501c3 charitable organization. A group of Village Church members travels to Fumbelo once a year to participate in and provide oversite of our initiatives which include education, a lunch program, and medical care.  We travel with donated medical supplies, teaching materials , books, clothing and soccer gear.  Since 2008 we have formed close and lasting relationships with the women, children and young adults in Fumbelo.  Due to the  continued commitment of Village Church,  more than 100 children are able  to attend government school.  We welcome travelers to share in this experience and to contribute to this ongoing mission.

Please visit www.friendsoffumbelo.com for more information.

Dear God,
Together we pray that you help us remember that the love we feel for our children is no greater than the love the women of Fumbelo feel for their children.

We pray for the women as they prepare each meal for their children.
Guide the women to great success on the farm.
Be with all the children in Fumbelo and inspire them to apply themselves in school and stay motivated to learn.
Let these children be all that they can be.
We pray that, while we are gone from Fumbelo, each child has a hand to hold and that they know someone cares about them.

Gracious God, help the people of Fumbelo overcome their struggles.
Inspire us too, God, that we may be motivated to continue to help this community.
Help us all to be witnesses to this wonderful ministry.
We pray that people will hear our stories and feel inspired to help.

Help us to continue to see the love and joy that we experienced in Fumbelo in our daily lives back home.
We pray that we can find joy not only from the material aspects of our lives.
Although we will be far away, keep Fumbelo close to our hearts.
We ask for prayers for every member of our group.
Let us remain close as a group as we continue to build our relationship with the people in Fumbelo.
—Prayer written by the Village Church members who traveled to Zambia in July, 2010

Janet Clift Rose