Micah Ministry

What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?
~Micah 6:8


Our mission is to facilitate education and action in our congregation so that we may faithfully “do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.” Our current focus is on issues of racial justice. By listening and learning about systemic racism and challenging our own world views and realities, we are proclaiming the core tenets of our faith: God created all humans in God’s own image and each and every person deserves our dignity; as followers of Jesus, who told us to care for the least among us, it is our responsibility to undo systems that deny that dignity.

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Books We’ve Read Together   


Waking Up White
By Debby Irving

In this accessible and vulnerable memoir. Irving helps us unpack the power and pervasiveness of white privilege and white dominant culture.

Between the World and Me
By Ta-Nahesi Coates

Written as a letter to his teenage son, we experience anew America’s racial history through the voice and experiences of Coates, an African-American writer.

The New Jim Crow
By Michelle Alexander

With in-depth legal and historic analysis, Alexander explores how the War on Drugs and the U.S. criminal justice system have created a new racial caste in America and what we can do to change that.

Other Recommended Reading


America’s Original Sin
By Jim Wallis

In this prophetic and deeply personal work, Sojourners founder Jim Wallis explores the role of racism in America's foundation and speaks candidly to Christians--particularly white Christians--urging them to cross a new bridge toward racial justice and healing.

Just Mercy
By Bryan Stevenson

What is the one commonality of people on death row? If the victim is white, the perpetrator is 11 times more likely to be condemned to die than if the victim is black. Narrative and inspiring, this is a must read.

The Warmth of Other Suns
By Isabel Wilkerson

Through the compelling stories of individuals, Wilkerson paints a broad picture of the great migration of black citizens from the south to the north in 20th century and how it has shaped our nation

Listen to the author speak with Krista Tippett in the podcast On Being

Hillbilly Elegy
By J.D. Vance

Part memoir, part political analysis, Vance explores the crises facing the white working class and what it means for America.

White Trash
By Nancy Isenberg

“In this groundbreaking history of the class system in America, Isenberg upends history as we know it by taking on our comforting myths about equality and uncovering the crucial legacy of the ever-present, always embarrassing—if occasionally entertaining—poor white trash.

Articles, Blog Posts, Podcasts, Videos and Other Resources


Opinion piece from the New York Times: No Racial Barrier Left to
  (Except All of Them)

A reflection on privilege and equality: “Equality can feel like oppression. But it’s not. What you’re feeling is just the discomfort of losing a little bit of your privilege.”

Bias Isn't Just A Police Problem, It's A Preschool Problem
Scientific studies have shown us time and time again that bias, unconscious and conscious, shape our behaviors and values. This article explores the prevalence of racial bias, even at the preschool level.

 “Let’s Talk about Whiteness,” a conversation from the podcast On Being with journalist Eula Biss

Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race

Podcast Show About Race hosts lively, multiracial and personal conversations on race in America.

NPR’s podcast Code Switch explores the overlapping themes of race, culture and ethnicity in our current world

Black Lives Matter Syllabus by Professor Frank Leon Roberts of NYU

In this brief TED Talk video, we witness an artist’s unflinching look at racial violence

A simple but profound visual of privilege

Organizations to Engage


World of Wellesley

Our partner in the Community Wide Read of Waking Up White, “WOW here diversity is celebrated.” They regularly host events on issues of race.

The Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ has a Racial Justice Associate who offers regular reflections and action steps. We have participated in the MACUCC Racial Justice Training.

Showing Up for Racial Justice is a national network of groups and individuals who are organizing white people to stand up for racial justice. Connect with a local chapter.

Council on American-Islamic Relations is a national organization advocating for justice and mutual understanding.