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Newton Weston Wellesley Committee for Community Living/Jubilee House

In 1998, as part of our congregation’s bicentennial celebration, Village Church partnered with the Newton Weston Wellesley Committee for Community Living (NWW) to create the Paul T. Babson II Jubilee House, a home for adults with mental retardation and other disabilities, at 10 Cross Street, Wellesley. Today, church members minister to the residents and others in a variety of ways, including monthly ecumenical fellowship dinners, social activities at the Drop-In Center in Newton, and assistance with reading, gardening, shopping, and meal preparation.

“Henri Nouwen writes, ‘The eternal community of love is the center and source of Jesus’ spiritual life.’ It is in our partnership with NWW that I have experienced this intimate community of love. Our eating and our praying; our teaching and our healing; our singing and our laughter—all create a spirit of love. There are no labels for those with abilities and those with disabilities in this community. There are just precious friends who share their abundant gifts with each other.” —Judy Mongiardo

Judy Mongiardo