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Adult Education

Village Church offers rich and varied Christian Education options for adults at every age and life stage. Whether you are a practiced theologian or you have never attended a day of Sunday school, you will find something to engage your heart and mind. The dynamic adult education program has several mainstays, as well as many offerings that are developed to meet the needs of our congregation in response to current events.

Our ongoing programming features ongoing weekly Bible Study groups, yearly Lenten Studies, and short-term Book Groups.

The Adult Education Ministry includes interfaith conversations with Temple Beth Elohim, the Jewish congregation in Wellesley, and frequent forums on such topics as understanding the needs of family members with mental illness, coping with unemployment, and raising resilient faith filled kids.

Whether you have an hour here and there or you are looking for a weekly opportunity to share and grow, or somewhere in between, you will find an opportunity to enrich your life. Bring your questions and doubts, explore the past and present of living as a Christian, enjoy fellowship among others seeking to grow. If you are looking for the means to get energized or stay energized in your faith, you will find it at Village Church.