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Be a Village Children’s Church Teacher

Our Village Children’s Church classes are taught by dedicated volunteers, with training and support from Michaela McDonald, Director of Children’s Ministries. Might you be called to join us? Please contact Michaela to sign up or learn more.

1. Choose your term:

  • Fall (September to December)

  • Winter (January to March)

  • Spring (April to early June) 

2. Choose your class:

Please volunteer for 1 (more if you like) Sunday

in a Children's Church Classroom.

Volunteer for the group that your child is in or for another age group. 

Responsibilities: CONNECT with the children of our church. LEARN names so you can recognize and talk to children in the sanctuary and at fellowship hour.

Preschool / K class: Usually, there is a teen teacher who will teach the class. You will assist with fun crafts, projects, impromptu puppet shows, playing, talking, helping, learning, growing. On the occasional Sunday, you may be called upon to lead which means read the Bible story, distribute the snack & do the craft (that is already prepared for you). Yes, that easy!

Grades 1 - 5: Michaela (or a substitute) will teach the class. You attend Children's Church and interact with the children in all ways you can: help with nametags, snacks, set up, clean up, student projects, spiritual practices or crafts. Talk, laugh, learn, help, show, grow.