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Grades 1 - 5

Children from first to fifth grade attend the beginning of Second Worship with their parents until it is time for class, as indicated in the worship bulletin.  At that time, children will receive a blessing and then continue to Village Children's Church together.

Grades 1-5 will gather together UPSTAIRS in The Upper Room. Parent’s may escort their children to church school as they feel appropriate.

Class will be led by the Director of Children’s Ministries and volunteers.  Bible stories and themes are taught in an engaging and fun atmosphere. 
Students will learn via storytelling, dramatic reenactments, science experiments, arts and crafts, cooking, games and more!

Grades 3 and older will be released at the end of class.  Parents should find a prearranged meeting place after worship.

Grades 1 & 2 will remain in class until pickup by a parent.

Our Children’s Church classes are taught by dedicated volunteers, with training and support from Michaela McDonald, Director of Children’s Ministries. Might you be called to join us?

Upcoming Grades 1 - 5 Events